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Department of Biochemistry


Philipp Knyphausen

Joined the lab: April 2016
Background and Current Projects: I studied Biology at the University of Münster and received my M.Sc. in 2012. After a research internship in the group of Nathan Lawson at the UMass Medical School in Worcester during the summer of 2011, I did my Master thesis in the lab of Andy Oates at the MPI-CBG in Dresden where I was working on genetic oscillators and transcription factor stability. During my PhD in the group of Michael Lammers at University of Cologne I studied post-translational lysine-acetylation and the enzymes regulating this protein modification. I joined the Hollfelder group in April 2016 and my project focuses on proteases for therapeutic applications.
Interests: I enjoy producing music on my computer and to go running.

Selected publications
[3] Knyphausen, P., de Boor, S., Kuhlmann, N., Scislowski, L., Extra, A., Baldus, L., Schacherl, M., Baumann, U., Neundorf, I., and Lammers, M. (2016). Insights into lysine-deacetylation of natively folded substrate proteins by sirtuins. J. Biol. Chem. read online
[2] Knyphausen, P.*, Lang, F.*, Baldus, L., Extra, A., and Lammers, M. (2016). Insights into K-Ras 4B regulation by post-translational lysine acetylation. Biol. Chem. (* equal contribution) read online
[1] de Boor, S.*, Knyphausen, P.*, Kuhlmann, N., Wroblowski, S., Brenig, J., Scislowski, L., Baldus, L., Nolte, H., Krüger, M., and Lammers, M. (2015). Small GTP-binding protein Ran is regulated by posttranslational lysine acetylation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112, E3679-3688. (* equal contribution) read online


Philipp Knyphausen 

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