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Luigi Lain

  • PhD student
  • Group of Harri Lonnberg
  • Department of Chemistry, University of Turku, FI
  • Contact email: luigi.lain (please add

Background: I graduated in industrial chemistry in the university of Padova in 2010 with a thesis on tiol-coated gold nanoparticles. Then I joined the group of professor Lonnberg where work on RNA phosphodiester bond reactivity.

Training and Transferable Skills:
- course of basic NMR spectroscopy
- course of advanced NMR spectroscopy
- course on protective groups
- course of chemistry and chemical biology of nucleic acids

Research Projects: I am working on kinetically determining the reaction rates of modified nucleotides in a range of different conditions, and from those kinetic data I try to understand how the mechanisms of cleavage and isomrization on the phosphate are affected by the modifications on a molecular level.
My first project has been on the compound in figure 1, with an amino group capable of interacting with the phosphate in a manner similar to that of some enzymes. Actually I'm following two projects. In the first we study the analogous compound if figure 2, to see what happens when in our previous study we remove the proton transfer capability but maintaining the possibility of hydrogen bonding. In the second, we are doing kinetical studies on the buffer catalysis of strongly alkaline amins on UpU in a mixture of 20% water 80% DMSO.


Figure 1


Figure 2