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Department of Biochemistry


Kristina Druceikaite



  • BSc in Chemistry at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • MSc in Chemistry at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania

I began to work in the group of Prof. Albinas Žilinskas at the University of Vilnius while I was doing my Bachelor`s thesis in 2011. I continued working in the same group during my Master years. My main focus during that time was the synthesis of antioxidants for paper conservation purposes. At the beginning of 2015, I started to work in the field of biotechnology for a small bio-tech company called Ferentis.
Chemical synthesis and development of viscous material technologies were a large part of my job. I also have worked on preparation of biosynthetic hydrogels as corneal models/tools for 3D cell culture experiments as a part of a EuroNanoMed-2 project, in collaboration with Linköping University (Sweden) and Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium).

Training and Transferable Skills:

  • NMR (1H and 13C)
  • FTIR
  • UV-vis
  • SEM
  • Gel-filtration chromatography
  • Organic chemistry
  • Bioconjugate chemistry
  • Viscous and polymeric materials technologies

Research Projects:
Compared to small molecule drugs, oligonucleotide therapeutics has a short history, but great potential. RNA-directed drugs can be rationally designed based on the target sequence which offers significant advantages in drug discovery efficiency that complements conventional approaches. RNA therapeutics give the opportunity to target many disease-related molecules and pathways for treatment because it can be used to target 80% of translated proteins that are difficult to modulate with small molecule drugs or antibodies and also to modulate the regulatory non-coding RNA´s. However, a severe limitation in oligonucleotide therapeutics is the delivery to the chosen site of action and cellular uptake.
The goal of my project is to develop methodologies of upscaling of oligonucleotide building blocks, work on efficient synthesis of linker molecules, needed to assemble oligonucleotide nano-constructs as well as upscale oligonucleotides synthesis on automated synthesizer.


C. Hofmann, A. Hartl, K. Ahn, K. Druceikaite, U. Henniges & A. Potthast (2016) Stabilization of Verdigris, Journal of Paper Conservation, 17:3-4, 88-99. Read online