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Department of Biochemistry


The Department has conducted a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment process and has introduced a number of new measures to ensure the safety of our staff. In order to accommodate these new measures, our facilities will be operating revised services for the foreseeable future. Details of current arrangements and available services can be found here.

Customer Prepared Samples

We can sequence libraries prepared by any of the following Illumina sample preparation kits:

  • TruSeq PCR-free DNA sample prep kit
  • TruSeq Nano DNA sample prep kit
  • TruSeq RNA sample prep kit
  • TruSeq Small RNA sample prep kit
  • TruSeq Custom Amplicon kit
  • Nextera sample prep kit
  • NexteraXT sample prep kit

If you have prepared your own Illumina compatible sequencing libraries, then we require at least 10 nM sample DNA in 10 μl.
If you require sample de-multiplexing please provide us with the index sequences used.

To convert ng/μl DNA concentration to nM
[nM DNA] = DNA concentration (ng/μl) x 1e6 (μl/L) / (Sample fragment size in bp x 656.4 (g/mole))

Using Custom Primers

It is possible to use custom sequencing primers (Custom Primer for Read 1, Custom Primer for Read 2 or Custom Primer for the Index Read) for a run on the MiSeq and NextSeq by loading custom primers into the reagent cartridge.
You can also use a combination of custom primers and Illumina primers provided in the reagent cartridge. For example, you can use the Illumina primer for Read 1, a custom primer for the Index Read and the Illumina primer for Read 2.

Please supply custom primers at a stock concentration of 100 μM.