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Illumina Sequencers MiSeq NextSeq500
No. of flow cells 1 1
Lanes per flow cell 1 4
Single-end reads per run 25 million 400 million
Max. read length 2 x 300 bp 2 x 150 bp
Max. Gb per run 15 Gb 120 Gb
Max. hours per run <56 hrs <30 hrs
Applications MiSeq NextSeq500
Human WGS (100Gb/sample) - 1 Human WGS/run
Exomes (25M clusters/sample) 1 exome/run <16 exomes/run
Bacterial WGS (0.5Gb/sample) <30 bacterial WG/run <240 bacterial WG/run
Gene expression (20M clusters/sample) 1 RNA-Seq/run <20 RNA-Seq/run
TF ChIP-Seq (5M clusters/sample) <5 ChIP-Seq/run <80 ChIP-Seq/run
Gene Panels (2M clusters/sample) <12 gene panels/run <200 gene panels/run

Information courtesy of Illumina

Important Information

Please note that Illumina will be increasing all of their reagent kit prices by 10% from the end of January 2017 due to the weakening of Sterling against the US Dollar.