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Petty Cash

Petty Cash: Conditions for using petty cash

You can claim reimbursement for expenditure incurred on miscellaneous items required in the offices or laboratories from the Biochemistry Accounts Office.

Ensure you have the receipt and a charge code with you when you come to collect your reimbursement.

The Financial Regulations make specific reference to Petty Cash and include the following requirements:

§                 Petty Cash must be used exclusively for expenditure directly relating to University business. Under no circumstances must petty cash be used to make payments to individuals (e.g. payments to visiting lecturers to defray expenses) or external suppliers for services rendered.

§                 Petty Cash must not be used to reimburse mileage or other travel costs. In these cases University Expense forms should be used.

§                 Petty Cash must not be used for personal expenditure.

§                 Payments from Petty Cash shall be limited to items of expenditure below the cost of £25 unless the Director of Finance has given written dispensation to increase the limit.

§                 All payments from Petty Cash must be supported by a receipted voucher.

§                 Expenditure claimed should always be authorised by someone other than the claimant.

§                 Claimants receiving reimbursement must sign for receipt of monies.

§                 Petty Cash should not be used for internal business transactions within the University i.e. between departments (this includes the University Centre). In these circumstances, Internal Trading procedures via the CUFS must be used.