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Claiming Expenses: Business expenditure incurred by an employee should be claimed for reimbursement using an Expense Claim form. Petty cash must not be used to reimburse individual expenses. Where possible the amounts an employee will have to advance from their own personal monies should be minimised by the use of a University credit card or by arranging for the supplier to invoice the University directly. Guidance and allowances are detailed in the links on the left.


Claims should be made regularly and:

  • before the deadline for making claims against grants, donations or other funding sources; and
  • within three months of incurring expenditure unless alternative arrangements are agreed with line managers.


The procedure for completing an expense claim is as follows.

(i) Complete the expense form that can be downloaded from this website and attach supporting evidence of expenditure e.g. receipts or bills. (This is a legislative requirement of HMRC, compliance is mandatory for the University)

(ii) Declare on the expense form any outstanding advances.
(iii) Ensure it is appropriately coded and authorised either by your lab head or other authorised member of staff.
(iv) Forward the form to the Biochemistry Accounts office.

The Department processes the form on the University Financial System (UFS) and a BACS payment is made to your bank account by the Finance Division, using the bank account details held by Payroll.  A remittance advice will be sent to your University email address.  

Provided there is sufficient funds and access to the appropriate authorising personnel you should receive your payment directly into your bank account within two weeks of receipt in the accounts office.

The Department of Biochemistry Expense Claim form (Employees Only) can be downloaded here


If you are a student or a visiting academic claiming expenses you will need to complete the Visitor & Student Expense Claim form, which can be downloaded here.

A payment run for non employee expenses is done every Friday and cheques are normally returned to Departments  for distribution to individuals.

If you have any queries please contact us:

Further guidance can be founds in the links shown on the left or by accessing the  Financial Procedures Manual 5b ‘Expenses and Benefits’, web address/link