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Kevin Brindle's lab shares World Molecular Imaging Society Gold Medal

last modified May 20, 2014 09:52 AM

Kevin Brindle and his team will share the World Molecular Imaging Society's 2014 Gold Medal Award, together with groups from UCSF and GE-Amersham. The award was unanimously approved by the Society's Board of Trustees in recognition of Kevin's and the others'  discovery and development of DNP-induced hyper polarized MRI, which has advanced the field of molecular imaging.

The citation reads: For pioneering work in the field of DNP-induced hyper polarized MRI, for the introduction of new and novel hyper polarizable agents with biological significance, and for advancing the applications of these agents for in vivo diagnosis in humans. The award is shared by Kevin Brindle and colleagues (Cambridge, UK), Sarah Nelson, John Kurhanewicz and Dan Vigneron (UCSF), and Klaes  Golman and Jan-Hendrick Ardenkjaer-Larsen (GE-Amersham). The award will be presented in Seoul in September 2014.