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Systems biology

Integrating proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolomic datasets with
computer modelling to provide explanatory and predictive understanding of
biological systems


Giorgio Favrin

Building a systems view of Alzheimer’s disease

Giorgio Favrin - Read More…

Jules Griffin

Lipid profiling and signalling

Jules Griffin - Read More…

Kathryn Lilley

Cambridge Centre for Proteomics

Kathryn Lilley - Read More…

James Locke

Quantitative understanding of how cells respond to environmental signals

James Locke - Read More…

Steve Oliver

Functional genomics and systems biology

Steve Oliver - Read More…

Markus Ralser

The regulatory function of the metabolic network

Markus Ralser - Read More…

Nianshu Zhang

Regulation of stress response and chronological ageing

Nianshu Zhang - Read More…

Image: Giorgio Favrin