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Hollfelder group

Tuomas Huovinen

Joined the Hollfelder group: September 2014
Background and Current Projects: I studied molecular biology (M.Sc.) at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. During my studies, I also completed a teacher training in chemistry, biology and geography and worked as a research assistant at the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Leeds in England and at VTT Medical Biotechnology in Turku, Finland. During my PhD project I developed synthetic human recombinant antibody libraries and mutagenesis techniques in Dr. U. Lamminmäki´s group at the University of Turku, Finland.
In my current projects I use cell-free SNAP and bead surface display platforms for the directed evolution of proteins. In the future, my aim is to combine next generation sequencing techniques with protein engineering in novel ways.  
Interests:  In my free time I enjoy family life. In addition, I like to do physical exercise (kettle bell training, running, gym), go to sauna and pick blueberries in the finnish wilderness.

Selected publications
[1] Huovinen T., Syrjänpää M., Sanmark H., Seppä T., Akter S., Khan L.M., Lamminmäki U. (2014) The selection performance of an antibody library displayed on filamentous phage coat proteins p9, p3 and truncated p3. BMC Res Notes 7: 661. Link
[2] Huovinen T., Syrjänpää M., Sanmark H., Brockmann E.C., Azhayev A., Wang Q., Vehniäinen M. and Lamminmäki U. (2013) Two scFv antibody libraries derived from identical VL-VH framework with different binding site designs display distinct binding profiles. Protein Engineering Design and Selection 26(10): 683-93. Link
[3] Huovinen T, Rytkönen K, Lamminmäki U, Pellinen T. (2013) A simple heterogeneous one-step assay for screening estrogenic compounds. Biotechnology Letters 35(1): 47-53. Link
[4] Huovinen T., Brockmann E.C., Akter S., Perez-Gamarra S., Ylä-Pelto J., Liu Y., Lamminmäki U. (2012) Primer extension mutagenesis powered by selective rolling circle amplification. PLoS One 7: e31817. Link

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