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Hollfelder group

Raphaelle Hours

PhD student
Joined the lab: January 2014
Background and Current Projects: I studied biotechnology at the ENSTBB, an engineering school located in Bordeaux (France). Prior to joining the Hollfelder group, I did two research internships. In 2012, I worked under the supervision of Dr. Nathalie Sans in a neuroscience group at INSERM Bordeaux (the French research institute of Health and Medicine) and characterized a protein involved in glutamatergic synapses by studying its interactions with other proteins. Then, in 2013 I did my final internship at New England Biolabs (Boston, USA) in Dr. Peter Weigele’s lab where I worked on E.coli genome modifications for the production of c-type cytochromes under aerobic conditions.
My PhD project in the Hollfelder lab is about directed evolution of amino-acid dehydrogenases using microfluidic droplet screening.
Interests: I like to travel, go to the cinema, go running and share a good meal.

Contact email: