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Hollfelder group

Fabrice Gielen

Joined the lab: October 2011
Background and Current Projects: My PhD at Imperial College London (2008-2011) focused on multidisciplinary solutions for studying cellular membrane dynamics, bringing together microfluidics, dielectrophoretic trapping and high-sensitivity time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy.
High-throughput characterization
I am currently developing high-throughput droplet microfluidic tools for use in enzyme kinetics, drug screening and other biochemical analyses. This includes droplet-on-demand platforms performing automated concentration gradients made up of hundreds of droplets, drop-by-drop fusion, and real-time imaging of a large number of reactors in stationary droplet arrays using fluorescence/absorbance.
In a collaboration with Dr. Marko Hyvonen, we are also using microdroplets for steady-state affinity determination to get insight into the RAD51-BRCA2 interaction.
Novel detection modules for high-throughput droplet sorting
We are currently developing non-fluorescence based droplet sorters which will greatly extend the number of assays that can be performed within water-in-oil microdroplets.
Long-term cell culture in hydrogel beads
We are establishing novel workflows for the encapsulation of single cells into 3D hydrogel beads and subsequent culturing within microfluidic traps. The hundreds of perfusion cultures can be subjected to external stimuli and real-time cell responses are extracted quantitatively from each bead.

Selected publications

[1] Gielen FBuryska TVliet LVButz MDamborsky JProkop ZHollfelder F., (2015), Interfacing microwells with nanoliter compartments: a sampler generating high-resolution concentration gradients for quantitative biochemical analyses in droplets, Anal Chem. 2015 Jan 6;87(1):624-32DOI lookup

[2] F Gielen, L Van Vliet, B Koprowski, SRA Devenish, M Fischlechner, JB Edel, X Niu, AJ deMello, F Hollfelder (2013). A Fully Unsupervised Compartment-on-demand Platform for Precise Nanolitre Assays of Time-Dependent Steady-State Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition. Analytical Chemistry 85(9), 4761-4769. DOI lookup

[3] Gielen, F., A.J. Demello, and J.B. Edel (2012). Dielectric Cell Response in Highly Conductive Buffers. Analytical Chemistry 84(4), 1849-1853. DOI lookup

[4] Niu, X.Z., F. Gielen, J.B. Edel and A.J. Demello (2011). A microdroplet dilutor for high-throughput screening. Nature Chemistry 3(6), 437-442. DOI lookup

[5] Gielen, F., F. Pereira, J.B. Edel and A.J. Demello (2010). High-Resolution Local Imaging of Temperature in Dielectrophoretic Platforms. Analytical Chemistry 82(17), 7509-7514. DOI lookup

[6] Weiyue Chen, Edward AvezovSimon C. SchlachterFabrice GielenRomain F. LaineHeather P. HardingFlorian HollfelderDavid RonClemens F. KaminskiA Method to Quantify FRET Stoichiometry with Phasor Plot Analysis and Acceptor Lifetime Ingrowth, Biophysical Journal , Volume 108 , Issue 5 , 999 - 1002, DOI lookup

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