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Biographies of former members of the Department of Biochemistry

Bernheim, Mary née Hare

A short biography of Mary Hare who, as a graduate student in the department, discovered the enzyme monoamine oxidase.

Lu Gwei-djen

A short biography of Lu Gwei-djen published in The Biochemical Journal as "A great adventure: from quantitative metabolism to the revelation of Chinese science" Hesketh, R. (2012). doi:10.1042/BJ20120049

Stephenson, Marjory ScD FRS (1885-1948)

A biography of Marjory Stephenson by Jane Cope

Marjory's War

The experiences of Marjory Stephenson in the First World War by Jane Cope

Whittaker, Victor: The Second Sir William Dunn Reader in Biochemistry

A personal memoir of Victor Whittaker

Paley Johnson (1917-2011)

An obituary written by Steve Harding for The Biochemical Society